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Front porch drop-ins for Uintah Basin mamas

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Vernal and Roosevelt mamas on the front porch

I will be popping around the area April 22 (Roosevelt), and April 28th, 29th and May 1st (Vernal) and making portraits of mamas and their little ones on the front step or porch of their homes and gifting them 3 images.

Want to get involved?

Learn more and apply for one of the limited spots below. 

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Hello Mama!

I recently signed up to run the NYC Marathon and have committed to fundraise $3,000 for Livestrong, a charity that addresses the daily hardships for those living with cancer today. With Mother's Day coming up, it seemed the perfect time for me to offer some front porch portraits for mothers and their babes while raising money for Livestrong! I will be popping around Roosevelt April 22, and Vernal April 28th, 29th and May 1st and making photographs of mamas and their little ones on their front step or porch and gifting them 3 images so they might have something precious to make them smile come Mother's Day. 

I plan to compile the images and host a competition where your friends can vote for their favorite participating family, with the winning crew scoring an in-home session to use over the next 12 months!

If you'd like to snag a spot and have me capture you with your littles, make a minimum donation of $26 (a dollar for each mile I'll be running!) to my Livestrong Fundraising Page, then sign up here.  

A few more details -

Visits will be just 10 minutes long and will take place on your front porch or step.

I'll be making my way to many families in the area and will need to keep to a pretty tight schedule. If you join in, I'll need you ready to rock and roll for the time you're allocated. 

Your children and babies of all ages can participate and if your mom lives close by and you'd like her to participate, she's more than welcome to join!

After my visit, you'll be sent a link to an online gallery where you can download your images.

So, are you in?


While I would love a chance to meet you all, spots will be limited. If this sounds like something you'd love, make a minimum donation of $26 (a dollar for each mile I'll be running in NYC) here, then fill in this form with all the necessary information and I'll be in touch!

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