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8 Photo Project Ideas for Kids (Passport to Summer)

Summer is here and that means it's time for Passport to Summer activities if you live in the Uintah Basin! To earn your stamp from Kim Christensen Photography, grab a camera (can be as simple as a phone!) and complete one of these Photo Projects. Then show your work to the Chamber of Commerce. I would also love to see your projects - post on social media and tag me or message me with a picture of your project! I will be featuring them in my stories and on my page!

1) Food Photography

Pick a recipe, make it and photograph the process.

2) Day in Your Life

Document a day in your life by taking a picture every hour. Set a timer to remind you!

3) Your Name

Find and take a picture of something shaped like each letter in your name. Try to find things in their natural element!

4) Experiment with Photo Editing

Download a free photo editing app like PicMonkey and have fun trying different techniques. Touch up, crop, add text or graphics!

5) Pretend You're a Photographer for National Geographic

See how many animals and bugs you can find and take pictures of them!

6) Neighborhood Tour

Explore your neighborhood and find interesting things to photograph. Take pictures of your favorite things and places! This will be fun to look back on when you're all grown up!

7) Photo Collage

Have your parents print out your favorite pictures and make a photo collage!

8) Creative Self Portrait

A self portrait is a photo you take of yourself that represents you as an artist. Get creative and think outside the box! Try using a tripod or setting your phone up against something. Then use the timer setting to take the picture.

I can't wait to see what you create! Don't forget to tag me or send me your pics!

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